Load, ReLoad: AGon sinks Rockies

In our FirstLook at tonight’s game, I declared “Wrong Gonzalez” as what we’re watching. I hate it when I’m right, in a 6-3 loss to the Dodgers. Jordan Lyles had a solid 1st, an OK second allowing a Kendrick 2B and Grandal RBI, and then ran into trouble in the 3rd. Greinke 1B, Rollins walk, … Continued

FirstLook: Rockies @ Dodgers, 4/18/15

The news is out: the Rockies can hit a little bit again this year. If the Rockies are going to be competitive in the NL West, they have to do better against the front of the opposition rotation they will almost always see. Clayton Kershaw is Public Enemy #1, and we have a lousy #1 … Continued

Joe Torre Resigns

Well, there goes any hope of Mark Cuban buying the dodgers.  Joe Torre resigned today so he could join a group looking to buy the dodgers.  With Torre in the mix I see his group being highly favored to win the bid and, as happened with the Rangers, the odds turning against Cuban and his … Continued

Mark Cuban Must Be a Big Fan of Blue

I believe Mark Cuban is great for sports and would love to see him purchase the Dodgers.  The thought of visiting Dodger Stadium and seeing their new owner sitting behind home plate, jumping up and down on big plays and laying into “blue” on questionable calls makes me giggle.  I’m not kidding, I really like … Continued