The worst team money can buy

The nickname “the best team money can buy” was hung on the Yankees of the 1970s, who went on a George Steinbrenner free agent buying binge of star power ranging from Catfish Hunter to Reggie Jackson to Goose Gossage. AJ Preller signed on as Padres GM last August and immediately tried to assemble a similar … Continued

If we can’t beat ’em, annoy ’em

Jon Gray and Kyle Parker both look liked they belonged. Gray was not dazzling last night but showed some of the bat-missing stuff we’d been hearing about. He was lifted early not for horrible Butleresque control, but simply because his spot in the lineup came around and we needed some … ok, it wasn’t that … Continued

All the innings you can eat for $5

The revelation that Kyle Kendrick has been gutting it out through shoulder inflammation and a possible rotator cuff injury for two months was kinda hard to accept. Having a damaged Kendrick in there easily cost the Rockies 5 games or more during that stretch. Some say this is a sign of a bad medical staff, … Continued

Losing the game in the 1st

There’s a saying called “wearing it”, where a player takes responsibility for a major gaffe. Helton was the best at it. He’d lay the accountability at his own locker, even if he had help, just to keep the heat off others in the locker room. At least DLR understands. He wore last night’s 1st inning, … Continued

Over Jerry Dipoto’s cold, dead body

Since the July 1 resignation of Jerry Dipoto, the Angels have gone into full rampage mode – presumably with someone else preparing analytics for the team differently. We’re going to discount the July 1 game itself, a loss to the Yankees, and probably running on the old juice. Since then, the offense has put together … Continued

More longball on tap from Astros

A storm is arriving in Denver, dressed in orange and blue. With Kyle Kendrick on the mound, the forecast is cloudy with a 100% chance of longballs from the Houston Astros. The only good news is there is one less bat in the lineup with the series shifting from Minute Maid to Coors and shedding … Continued