Pomeranz vs Giants Lineup

Drew Pomeranz will be pushing his agenda towards the fifth spot in the rotation, and what better way then to have a few shutdown innings against the “potent” Giants lineup.  Missing from the lineup is Nolan Arenado, who has many guessing he will be on the opening day roster with his minor hitting struggles seemingly … Continued

Pitchers Report With Big Questions

Colorado Rockies pitchers and catchers reported for duty this weekend, but until they clear their physical on Monday they are busy shooting commercials for the upcoming season. If it isn’t too late to submit a suggestion, perhaps the team could shoot a commercial with the pitching staff standing around, looking confused and in pain for … Continued

Injuries, Options and “New Alanna”

PITCHING INJURIES At least it is happening in Spring Training and not in the middle of the season, as was the case last year.  Several members of the starting pitching staff and hopefuls are showing injuries, some holding them back from their next start.  Jamie Moyer, Drew Pomeranz and Jhoulys Chacin have all felt something … Continued

Fan Fest 2012

For anyone who hasn’t attended the Fan Fest at Coors Field, it was a really great experience for baseball fans. The Rockies had pretty much the entire stadium open for viewing. Depending on where you wanted to start, you could head down to the lower levels and walk past the coach’s conference room and into … Continued

Millwood, Francis and Lidge

Word this morning is that the Rockies were trying to pick up Millwood last month, by offering him $1 million with another $1 million in incentives, but he wanted something closer to $3 million.  Not sure if Millwood saw the Slowey contract before or after his price settled on $3 million, but with Slowey given … Continued