Mike Trout 2, Yard Goats 2, and Mr. Robot in the 9th

When pictures started appearing on social media throughout the day of Tulo, Weiss, and others sporting Hartford Yard Goats gear, I thought for a second “Wow, they’ve gotten rid of everyone at the deadline.” Then I realized it was just PR day, and my hopes for some kind of positive change were at least temporarily … Continued

Timmy, we hardly hit ye

There was a day where the mere mention of Tim Lincecum would strike fear into opponent’s hearts. Not as much these days, however. Timmy, or Timmeh as I prefer it spelled, is a mere shell of his former Cy Young self, the likely result of too much weed and too little wind through his once-flowing … Continued

More longball on tap from Astros

A storm is arriving in Denver, dressed in orange and blue. With Kyle Kendrick on the mound, the forecast is cloudy with a 100% chance of longballs from the Houston Astros. The only good news is there is one less bat in the lineup with the series shifting from Minute Maid to Coors and shedding … Continued

Rox roll behind Rusin

Today’s regularly scheduled rain delay amounted to 1:11, but once the clouds parted there was nothing but sunny skies for the Rockies in a 10-5 domination of the Miami Marlins. It is night and day what happens when a starting pitcher comes in and does the job, and the pressure gets put on the opposition … Continued

FirstLook: Marlins vs. Rockies, 6.6.15

After another Deadie Butler pummeling last night, the Marlins and the tarp are back for more today. Chris Rusin will be attempting to keep the ball within county lines. We’ve put two opposing players on top of the HR distance board THIS WEEK. Giancarlo Stanton blasted a ball 484’last night, taking the lead from Joc … Continued