Mike Trout 2, Yard Goats 2, and Mr. Robot in the 9th

When pictures started appearing on social media throughout the day of Tulo, Weiss, and others sporting Hartford Yard Goats gear, I thought for a second “Wow, they’ve gotten rid of everyone at the deadline.” Then I realized it was just PR day, and my hopes for some kind of positive change were at least temporarily … Continued

Instead of hits it’s choreography

Walt Weiss’ maneuvering during last night’s ninth inning made for great theater. Too bad this is baseball. In short, when things like a 5-man infield “work” because the relief pitcher suddenly finds the strike zone where he couldn’t, it’s not the genius of the manager. Points for trying to do something, but it’s literally a … Continued

Boone Logan must do, there is no try

When your starter goes 6 or less, managing the pen becomes a problem, especially in the NL where the pitcher’s spot is certain to come up. The priority is on several relievers that can go complete innings, and are versatile enough to get lefties and righties out. The Rockies have been burning through 3 or … Continued

Two sets of X-rays and too much Trout

I think if the Rockies weren’t on an 11-game slide, tonight’s 2-1 loss in Anaheim at the hands of the Angels doesn’t look as bad. It really came down to a couple of Mike Trout takeaways, and the Angels finally dinking and dunking their way home in the 11th. The deck was stacked against the … Continued

Why not just make 10 louder?

In the midst of an epic Rockies losing streak at 10 games, there are a lot of crazy ideas being thrown out on what should be done. 1) Fire Weiss. There is absolutely nothing Weiss can do with this roster and its current performance. Did he pick the wrong rotation guys? Chacin went away, DLR … Continued

Who’ll stop the rain?

The meteorological rain let up enough for the Colorado Rockies to play a doubleheader, but the metaphorical rain continues to fall, and is getting more intense daily. With the team already on a losing streak, the Arizona Diamondbacks swept today’s twin-bill – sending the Rockies straight to the bottom of the NL West where they … Continued