That Was Fun…

Don’t have a lot of time here folks, but the game can be summed up by looking at innings 4 and 6 in the box score.

The Rockies came out pounding Matt Cain with HRs by Helton, Arenado, and Rosario.  Unfortunately after that everyone thought they were a power hitter and swung for the fences (again).

The Giants had 2 innings that sucked the momentum out of the Rockies offense.

Chacin went 5 1/3 and gave up 8 ER.  Scahill came up I-25 and immediately saw work, going 2 1/3 innings and giving up only 1 hit.

Other than Scahill, another bright spot was Arenado’s glove at 3rd with an amazing play in (I think) the 8th.  Bright spots done.

We’ll see if the Rockies can bounce back tonight as its Bumgarner vs. De La Rosa at 6:40 MT.

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Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
8 years ago

Anyone still like the odds??? As we sat there in disbelief, almost in a state of shock, I was quickly reminded that earlier that same day I had pointed out the Giants had won something like 30 out of the last 39 and the last 9 straight. This is not the first time the Rockies blew a comfortable lead against the Giants. I did cause myself to laugh imagining all the comments in game chat. After just reading them I… Read more »

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