The Season Isn’t Over, Even After This Losing Streak

I know that none of us had really had a lot of high expectations of the 2015 season for the Rockies.  I personally have put them at a high point for the season of just 78 wins.  And so we are probably not surprised by what we have seen the last 10 games.  At 11-18, we can safely say this season is already lights out and time to find out who will be playing tight end for the Broncos.

I think most of us agree this team can’t get worse pitching wise.  It has been an absurd first 29 games, with seemingly more walks than innings pitched for the starters.  The bullpen that has some good arms (or did before we lost Zero), has been over-taxed, though recent days off have to help them both physically and mentally. The defense has made too many errors for having so many Gold Glover players.  And the offense? Aside from Opening Day they didn’t have another “Taco Game” (7 runs or more for those who have fortunately missed the hideous fast food tie-in) only once! Once!  And that was game 25 in a 13-7 loss on May 6.  With this lineup, that seems to be either a misprint or a case of really unlucky baseball.

All that to say, I don’t think this team is really this bad.  I will stick with my 78 win guess.  But maybe this team suddenly finds “it” and can see some prospect force their way to Coors and make big differences this year. If that happens, does this bad start matter?

The answer, much to my own surprise is no!  In their three most successful seasons, their 29 game record was:

2010  – 14-15

2009 – 11-18

2007 – 12-17

The Rockies have looked this bad before.  The key to all three of those years was the pitching getting better in the second half of the season (kids helping out or a guy like De La Rosa finally putting it all together).  Oh, and great play from a guy named Troy Tulowitzki.  The same thing can happen this year.  It is not likely, but, that is why this game is fun, things happen no one things are going to happen.

We all know of course that 2007 had a great run late (historic might be the better word) and 2010 had the September to remember for Tulo before the deep fade the last 10 days.  The key to 2009 was…a manager change about this point in the season, putting players on notice they had to do better (because really, who do you think is the better manager, based on the past 10 years of performance, Jim Tracy or Clint Hurdle?).

If this season has a chance, is it time for a big change? And I am not talking about trading Tulo.

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