Throwing the Game?

I’ve always wondered about the Rockies “injuries” at the end of a season.  I find it highly suspicious that our best players over the past two years have all come down with the inability to play the final chunk of the season.  While last season was worse, it is still pretty bad to watch these last few games with a shadow of our normal lineup and starters/pen.  The hodgepodge of pitchers needed to even field the mound is embarrassing, especially getting rocked by the Red Sox and Dodgers.

Case in point: Chatwood scratched from Sunday’s start because of a “sore elbow”. This is the FINAL GAME in Helton’s amazing career and Chatwood is arguably our best option to get something close to a win, but he is being kept from playing. Jeff Francis will step in instead. It could be a cautious move, but Chatwood looked great in his last start, didn’t come out early and will have all winter to rest.

So, how much of it is real injuries, how much of it is the team being “cautious” and how much of it is the team playing for the draft?

As it stands now, the Rockies are guaranteed a protected first round pick.  The teams with the ten worst records have protected first round picks in the following year’s draft.  As of Saturday, here is what it looks like for the bottom 10 teams in the MLB:



So, what do you think? Do you feel the team “gives up” because they can at least take advantage of a higher draft pick should they just play .500 ball?

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7 years ago

I totally agree Jared. Cuddyer sitting out today. No reason to “rest” him. I guess they’re protecting his batting champ BA. Who cares? Last year: they sat Chris Nelson — the legendary CHRIS NELSON! — to ensure that he finished the season over .300. To which the rest of MLB said, “who gives a sh!t that a guy who plays half his games in Coors hit .300.” This organization does dumbass things like that every year. We are probably “protecting”… Read more »

7 years ago

They don’t care about draft position because this franchise under its current ownership/leadership doesn’t care to win! They make more money when they lose. And money is what the Montfort family lives for.

7 years ago

I don’t think it has much to do with the draft and a lot to do with their twisted minds. Last year I remember Cuddyer saying he was ready to play almost two months before the end of the season, but they shut him down. It’s all about convincing the Monfort’s how playing at Coors is a curse. Having to deal with all that b.s. would drive me to drink as well.

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