Tulo, Cargo and Cuddy Chosen as All Stars

The All Star selection was announced today and, with little surprise, Tulo was the top vote getter at short stop.  It would be surprising if he actually played, given that he is still on the DL and the All Star Game is just over a week away.

Carlos Gonzalez was a bit more surprising of a selection, in that he was actually voted in by the fans.  In the past he has been as much, if not more, deserving but found little to no love from the voting crowd.  He is also a bit banged up, but baring any major issues would most likely take to the field with first pitch.

The third Rockies player chosen was Michael Cuddyer.  Cuddy’s selection came not in the fan vote, but as a reserve.  There were some that thought Rex Brothers might make the team, but he wasn’t part of the pitching staff announced.

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8 years ago

Tulo said today was best day since injury swinging the bat. Will swing tomorrow and if all ok, short stint rehab. Possibly play in dodgers series. So he could still play in the all star game. Dex may also return for dodgers series too.

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