Tulo In the Lineup (for now)

Troy Tulowitzki was on the receiving end of a Dexter Fowler line drive into the dugout last night in the Rockies 3-2 loss.  He was hit on the left leg and bruised his fibula.  Tracy has him in the lineup, and Tulo wants to play, but it is contingent on his ability to field grounders during warm-ups.  He’s already taken batting practice and apparently did well enough to stay in the lineup for now.

Carlos Torres was the odd man out and was sent down to Colorado Springs to make room for Guthrie.  Guthrie has been on the DL due to a bicycle accident involving a broken chain and a launch over his handlebars and onto his shoulder.  He will face Tim Lincecum tonight, the second time they have gone head to head this season.


CF Colvin
2B Herrera
LF Gonzalez
SS Tulowitzki
1B Helton
RF Cuddyer
C Hernandez
3B Pacheco
RHP Guthrie


RF Blanco
1B Belt
LF Cabrera
C Posey
CF Pagan
3B Arias
SS Crawford
2B Burriss
RHP Lincecum


IN GAME CHAT (just click play to chat during game)

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9 years ago

Maybe it’s because Tracy has realized Colvin is the better player

9 years ago
Reply to  egossage

EYJ is better than Fowler and Colvin.

9 years ago

Not really a huge Colvin fan due to all the strikeouts. Good enough power for an outfielder, but what the Rockies really need is some OBP guys getting on in front of Cargo, Tulo, Helton and Cuddyer. If that ever happens with some combination of Scutaro, Fowler, Herrara and EY2 in those #1 and #2 holes, THEN the Rockies offense will be fine.

9 years ago

Top of the 7th, Rox up by 2, and I still don’t feel too good about it. That is what the May, 2012 Rox have given me (or maybe us). OK, it’s 4-1 now. Thanks Cargo. That helps. However, as of today, there is nothing about this team that I trust. When the bats do their jobs and the starter is sharp, the bullpen lets us down. And vice versa. Tulo is still looking like Neifi Perez this year, however… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  IggyRox

Tie game. Starting with back to back walks. Bleep the clubhouse culture, how about some fundamental baseball? Sheesh.

9 years ago

Wow. What an ending! That was a 5-out ninth inning. I’ll have to look at the super-slow-mo, but I think Pagan was out stealing. Then the 3B ump didn’t notice that Schierholz swung at strike 3. Then the win on strike 4.

10 walks. 1 HBP. Pathetic. But a win is a win.

9 years ago

Can we skip Moyer tomorrow? The rotation is starting to get traction but Moyer continually blows up the bullpen.

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