Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen!

UPDATE: Ubaldo Jimenez has been suspended 5 games and fined an undisclosed amount for hitting Tulo.

Many Acta responded to the suspension by saying,

I’m disappointed, but I’m not surprised. I still don’t think it’s worth of a suspension. I’m very disappoint with inconsistency on how they make decisions. We had a situation in NY last year that was worse than this situation and the guy (Roberto Hernadez) got fined $750. I’m very disappointed at the consistency of their decision-making. I think everyone relied too much on the comments made in newspaper. The guy walked 5 guys. . .Were do you draw the line? “It’s disappointing that they let themselves be swayed by you guys. I understand you guys have a lot of power. Sometimes you have to make decisions without being swayed by what the press is campaigning for.

You’d think that a game that included two grand slams, one given up by our opening day starter Guthrie and the other by Alex White, not to mention 22 combined runs on 25 combined hits, you’d think that the post game comments would center around concerns with pitching command.  Well, you’d be correct, but the only focus after the Rockies fell to the Indians 12 to 10 is the command of one pitch, the first pitch Ubaldo Jimenez threw to (at) Troy Tulowitzki.

The call on KOA mirrored every fan’s thoughts, as we heard them announce that Tulo was drilled by the first pitch and that both players immediately came together yelling at each other:

That was intentional, he meant to do that.

When the dust settled it was very obvious this statement, made in the heat of the moment, was possibly spot on.  Looking back at the play you notice that Jimenez, right after hitting Tulo,

Jimenez raced toward the plate, motioning with his arms multiple times for Tulowitzki to come toward him.

If he was “trying to go inside on him…then the ball just got away,” then why throw your glove down and storm Tulo?  Jimenez states it was because,

The thing that got started was the things that he was calling me. I mean, I’m a man. If somebody calls me out, I have to go. He was callng me names. He was calling me “chicken,” but not chicken, another really aggressive word that I can’t say right now… I take everything easy and I never look for trouble, but it you are calling me out I am a man like everybody else.

But, without seeing video it is hard to know how quickly the one followed the other.

After Tulo’s elbow was checked out it was announced that thankfully it was not major.

======== PRE – GAME NOTES BY ORANGEROCKS ===========

Picture of Ubaldo goes here, but my blog master has yet to teach me how!

UBALDO, what happened to that fine starting pitcher and great human character you once had in Colorado – since you were traded that all seems to have evaporated? I know it is Cleveland and all but come on that mistake by the lake still qualifies as being in the United States.

Our fearless blog master is working out of country right now so he left me with the task of providing the lineup for the Rockies game this afternoon. Well to begin with I have a prior engagement to attend in my 2012 Annual Baseball Draft (28th annual if I remember correctly). Besides that I can’t seem to find the lineup anyway on the Denver Post – maybe too early yet.

Any ROW regulars out there that can help out today? Please post the lineups when they available and boo Ubaldo – at least on the internet he won’t hear you. It would be much appreciated!

One last question, if Ubaldo is making exactly the same amount of money as he would have with the Rockies this year, why is he so much happier in (of all places!) Cleveland?


2B Marco Scutaro
CF Tyler Colvin
SS Troy Tulowitzki
1B Todd Helton
DH Jason Giambi
3B Chris Nelson
C Ramon Hernandez
LF Brandon Wood
RF Jaron Shepherd
RHP Jeremy Guthrie

CarGo and Cuddy were scratched at the last minute.

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9 years ago

good comments and analysis on this sensitive topic with us right now. Like Jaredean, I want to remember the great moments that UJ provided although disappointed by not only his trade but this latest incident. Too many good memories to wish him failure. His path back to success would be good for the game. I have to believe much of the hesitation by DOD to resign UJ stems from Ubaldo’s reluctance to admit if anything was wrong. Someone in my… Read more »

9 years ago

ok I will play this game however it is still all speculation. If DanO were to have given Ubaldo the huge second contract extension at the end of 2010, and then most likely what the Rockies have now Mike Hampton version #2 – at best. I do not blame DanO for failing to commit to Ubaldo’s second extension at all! Solid baseball decision DanO!

9 years ago
Reply to  OrangeRocks

I can’t disagree with that logic at all, Rich. MY problem is that I think DOD led him on the whole time throughout 2010. DrRockies, the whole scenario you brought up didn’t occur until we were into 2011. If Ubaldo admitted he was hurt or upset during 2011 its a guarantee that he wouldn’t have received an extension. So of course he was lying. Personally, I kind of like that he tried to pitch himself through whatever issue he had.… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  ProgMatinee

Well, I think he did pretty good getting Drew P. and Alex White. That does not sound like losing too much value to me. But I hear what you are saying about losing value. The problem is looking into the future and seeing the player will eventually not fit into your plans. A lot of time and energy goes into every player, even more for those that are considered future stars, such as Ian Stewart. It’s hard to give up… Read more »

9 years ago

btw – I’m not defending DOD. In fact I think it’s time for him and JT to be traded or released. I’m just saying it’s not an easy decision to make.

9 years ago

I agree Trip, that its extremely difficult to let go of investment, but there were some pretty public comments made from DOD about disappointment in Ubaldo’s offseason. (Similar to his airing of disappointment in Chacin). I question the decision to air those issues rather trying to move the player. There’s this continual belief by O’Dowd that publicly airing displeasure in guys like Stewart, Ubaldo, Chacin as some kind of “tough love” will result in them shaping up. I can’t think… Read more »

Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
9 years ago

The premise seems to be the main issue was money. Not just here but on some talk shows also. There is absolutely no way any of us could know that unless we are personal friends with Ubaldo or if he decided to just voice his side of the story. Maybe money was a basis for his agnst but I have a different perspective and believe it was triggered by something else. Look, does anyone believe he was trying to hurt… Read more »

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