Update on Doc C’s Weird Way of Looking at the Season

Hello all, I know most of you probably think me (and my now deceased dad) have a bizarre way of looking at the season.

But hey, I don’t play fantasy baseball, I am not working, so my brain needs something to keep it going.

62 Games Record 

Rockies Currently  2-1 (picking up 2 this last week in San Fran)

Bullpen Games     

Rockies Currently 3-1 (last year I hated keeping this stat, think I will enjoy it a lot in 2015)


If there was a concrete way of determining the “62 Games” aside from being ahead by less than 3 runs after 6 innings, I would use it. If I went on more gut feeling, it would be more like 5-1 in those 62 Games that matter (only those first 2 games were wins that felt like sure wins during the game).  But going to stick with the one I have.  I was thinking of using a 3 run or more lead in games where based on the pitching matchup the Rox should lose, but how many times do we see pitching match-ups that are toss-ups? And how does Coors factor in? I mean if its Kershaw v DLR at Coors, I expect DLR to win. So, still an inexact science. Games like Sunday vs. Cubs at home sadly are ones that are no doubters.

Go Rox. As important as it is to win games you should win (or lose them as well – the 50/50), I don’t mind seeing this team keep winning those 62 games.

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