Updates on Former Rockies, News and History in Baseball

Just a few notes and news of Rockies past and baseball for a Wednesday day game.

Of course we all know by now that King Albert hit 500 last night. I remember seeing him on tv games in 2001 and thinking, “How did we not draft this guy!” While people have whispered about PEDs with Albert, he looks like he did in 2001 except with the extra we all carry a decade after our last entry into manhood. Evidently after struggling on Monday, he told the Latin broadcaster for the Angels, “I am slumping, so tonight I am hitting 2, up to 500, and have 5 RBIs.” Ask him for the winning numbers for PowerBall this week.

If you didn’t catch the late night games, the amazingly average/bad/horrible Colin McHugh, pitched in Seattle last night (yes, AAA baseball), 6.2 of 3 hit, 12K baseball! He had been 0-8 before last time and was picked off the Rox roster this winter when they were clearing room on the 40. Well done Colin…but I don’t think that Tanaka has anything to fear in the Rookie of the Year balloting.

Speaking of the Stros, our “favorite” former CF, Dexter Fowler, after last night, had a 1-4 night, and is now hitting a Drew Stubbs like, .209/.274/.602.  So far so good on that trade as well.

Today is the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, a great place to visit but an absolute dump of a park (Yes, I said it, after visiting Coors WF seems like the field the Bad News Bears played on). But it is history, and that is what makes baseball so great – history. Did you know that Wrigley was almost the first place to have lights? They were bought and ready in the late fall of 1941, but when Pearl Harbor happened, all the lights and such were donated to U.S. government for the war effort and the idea of day baseball took over and lights were not even discussed again until the 1980s. Great story I didn’t know anything about it. Again, the role of baseball in our great history.

And one quick link: If you feel that baseball is a lot of less scoring, or there are more Ks this year…you are correct. Great discussion on the causes of this at the link. The Rox were ahead of the curve getting good defensive players with varied offensive players. Baseball is going through another of its mini-changes, with more emphasis on defensive set-up, big arms, and scouting. No one will hit .400 again, and I really think we should think of .360 the way we used to think of .400. If Teddy was playing today he would be a .330 hitter but he wouldn’t have gotten close to .400.



Go Rockies!!!!


Today, the Rox open in 2nd place and as close to 1st as they have been since last year. Enjoy!

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7 years ago

Eric Young Jr. is second is stolen bases and 1st in runs scored.

7 years ago
Reply to  Pooter

And he is only hitting.221,so he must be making the most of his opportunities!

7 years ago

Also I.Stewert has been getting some playing time with a homer,SB,5RBI’s,.235BA.C.Iannetta below Mendoza line at .197 but with 8 RBI’s.

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