Welcome to the Coaching Staff…Here’s 21 Hits

You think your first day on the job was bad, try taking over the Rockies pitching staff on the day they give up 12 runs on 21 hits.

Such was day 1 of the platoon pitching coaches Jim Wright and Bo McLaughlin. A tough beginning, to be sure, but one that can easily be placed at the feet of several sources.

– Without the 75 pitch count (Friedrich was at 70 when pulled after 4 1/3), maybe Friedrich would have gotten through the fifth inning unscathed and the score would still be 4-3 going into the sixth, instead of 9-3.

– Tracy for not putting a “hard run count” on Moscoso, but allowing him to stay in even after giving up five runs in the fifth. It was obvious he wasn’t on his game (first three batters he faced: two singles and a walk to load the bases…next two batters? Two run double, three run home run…first five batters, five runs). Sending him out for the sixth showed he either didn’t care a lick about the game or he was punishing Moscoso for Dac resigning. Either way the sixth was almost as bad as the fifth: with two outs he gave up a Home Run, Single, Home Run and then a double.

– No Tyler Colvin in the lineup??? Again????

– Johnny Sparkplug could take credit for the loss – he obviously was being selfish by not saving his third home run of the season until there were men on base! Dex is also selfish for his solo shot…jerk!

Whoever is to blame, one thing is for sure – it will take more than a new face to visit the mound to turn this team around…evidence of that was on display in the fifth: Jim Wright talked to Moscoso for a good minute in a very emphatic way. After returning to his seat in the dugout the very next thing he witnessed would be the two run shot to left and then the three run jack after that. Talk about no respect.

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Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid
9 years ago

Did anyone notice the little back and forth between Huson and Tracy R. concerning the call up of Cabrera? Klatt had to cut them off in mid sentence. Tracy appeared to be a bit prickly last night. I guess there’s quite a bit of tension going on at 20th & Blake with everyone looking over their shoulders. Everyone, except of course JT & DOD, they have the security of having lifetime contracts.

9 years ago

I was at the game last night. My thoughts were split between the Rox and the sudden burst of wildfires around Colorado Springs. Only when I got home and turned on to the local news did I realize it was a bigger impact than the one just west of FoCo. Stay safe ego and anyone else affected by the wildfires. I was still enthusiastic at the game when the score was 4-3 top of 5th and one out, bases empty.… Read more »

9 years ago

I was at the game last night but started getting texts/calls in the second inning about the fires jumping over the ridge back home in Colo Spgs, headed straight for homes. Plus I-25 south was closed at a certain point. So I left in the second inning, my earliest departure but I couldn’t focus on the game considering I had friends needing a place to stay. My house is safe (for now) but there is ash and smoke and many… Read more »

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