Why Do Fans Hate CarGo and Tulo for Injuries?




Welcome to 2015. I will posting another series of 2014 player review shortly, but I wanted to apologize to all the rest here at roxwalkoff for my failure to get these done earlier. After fighting against Lyme Disease for nearly 8 years and finally getting the all-clear I decided that it had been 18 months since my previous concussion and I was well past time for another one. So November 21 I scheduled a second frontal concusion that was far worse than the first one. Frontal concussions get worse before they get better, and mine was kind of enough to bring non-stop migraines and the loss of my close-up vision and real issues with any technology (the lighting). The good news is that the symtoms have stopped thanks to time and these very weird glasses developed for concussion suffers.


When Justin Morneau suffered the 2 concussions in 2010 and 2011 I have to be honest – I thought he was a wimp. After all, it was just a bump on the head, right? I had no idea that vision could be upset that much (for almost everyone your right and left eyes work at different levels of quality, and over your life your mind makes the necessary adjustment – concussions cause that information to be lost, leaving the eyes struggling to work). I think we can agree hitting a 95 mph fastball or 85 mph curve is the hardest think in sports to do. Losing your vision settings? No wonder he couldn’t play. And then add to that the migraines, the neck issues (which he continues to struggle against), and just the rest time away from the game and all of a sudden Morneau’s lost 2010 and 2011 make more sense. It also explains why 2012 was an adjustment year. In 2013 he started to feel normal and in 2014, the Rockies got a steal. I am willing to bet after so much off-time and the work he had to do in order to get his eyesight back to snuff means that Morneau is more like a 30 year old than a 33 (going on 34) year old, and the Rox might be very smart if they choose to hold onto him for 2015 (and the very reasonable 2016 option of just $9 million – cheap these days). I had written off Morneau when Spring Training began in 2013. But now, I get why he took so long to become a great player again.


Then there is the topic of Tulo and CarGo. I cannot believe how much venom there is directed at the two players for being hurt “all the time.” Yes, Tulo has missed too much time the past 3 years. But these were not “cut my finger making a sandwich” or “fell over my dog” injuries. Instead we have things like a freak broken rib diving for a ball like he had done many times before and since. We have a weird tear in his hip, despite having worked so hard to strengthen his legs (maybe too much off-season work, but you are going to fault a player for working too hard?). Tulo wants to play more than any player I have ever seen. I don’t get why fans throw hatred at a player just because he gets hurt.


And CarGo, not a player who necessary runs out every pop fly, but he has chased balls into the fence (not smart, but at least aggressive). And while I still have real questions why both his finger and his knee weren’t operated on during the off-season 2013-2014, he tried to play through the injuries, even though Weiss may have been smart to sit him (at least on the road) during those times. CarGo isnt just trying to collect a paycheck and sit on the bench.


And can I add that neither player has demanded a trade. In fact word is officially both players want to stay here, to make the Rockies competitive in 2015. If they were demanding a trade to get away from a losing club (made losing because of their absence or playing hurt), then I get why you hate them.


When Tulo and CarGo have lost my family of faithful Rockies fans (you would have enjoyed Christmas dinner conversation), had nothing but poor words for Tulo and CarGo. I tried to defend both players but it was clear that (at least until they are leading the Rox to a first-place spot after June 1) my family at least are ready for both players to be traded.


Is that really where the fan base is at? I am biased, biased to appreciate players who keep getting hurt, keep missing time off their feet as it were. But is that where the rest of the fan base is at?


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6 years ago

Concussions are the real deal. You may recall I gave DOD much praise on the Morneau signing simply because I thought enough time had passed for Morneau to truly come back from his. I didn’t (and still don’t) view his 2012/2013 stats as legit because of his concussion issues. I’ve been on the “trade Tulo” soapbox since last offseason. But it has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with trying to correct a fundamentally poorly constructed… Read more »

6 years ago

“Is that really where the fan base is at?” Not this sliver of the fan base. Me, I’m loyal to a fault, and as a lot of you know, an emotionally-driven fan, so….keep Tulo. Keep Tulo. Keep Tulo. 😉 Sad to see his prime passing without the Rockies reaching the mountaintop, but I would rather watch him play here since a trade won’t fix anything either. However, on Doctor_Chris’ other post, I said he probably will be gone next summer.… Read more »

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