Will the Real Rockies stand up please?

Last night the Rox played like studs for four innings.  Then they played like duds over the last five innings letting the Giants pull the carpet from underneath them winning 8-6 after spotting the purple pin stripers a 6-0 lead.  The Rox produced only one harmless single the rest of the night after the three run homer by Wilin Rosario.

Madison Bumgarner will bring the heat tonight.  The Rockies must find a way to have a lead after six innings.  The Rox have to beat the Giants in the first six innings.  Otherwise, the Giant bullpen will just mow down the Blake Street Bunnies.  Jorge De la Rosa must pitch the game of the season to pull the parachute on the Rox’ free fall to the abyss of the West.

It should be noted the Rox several times lately that most, if not all, of the runs have come via home runs.  They need to get back to small ball and RISP production. When pitching struggles, it is because they cannot close out innings with two outs and a chance to get out of a pickle.

Enough said.  The RWOers are tired of seeing the same scenario being played over and over in the month of May.  As a contributor tonight, I anticipate writing a very brief summary of yet another demoralizing loss by the jokesters as the chatters last night loved to call them.

The game will begin at 6:40 p.m. MT as usual with the all lemon crew presiding at the ROOT RM desk. The weather is the hottest of the year for start of the game with the temperature forecast for 80 degrees and wind blowing at 10 MPH.

6:40pm (J. De La Rosa – L)
vs. Giants (M. Bumgarner – L)

1. Eric Young (S) RF
2. Dexter Fowler (S) CF
3. Carlos Gonzalez (L) LF
4. Troy Tulowitzki (R) SS
5. Wilin Rosario (R) C
6. Nolan Arenado (R) 3B
7. DJ LeMahieu (R) 2B
8. Jordan Pacheco (R) 1B
9. Jorge De La Rosa (L) P

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8 years ago

Is this really happening again?

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