Will We Ever Win a Game for RMH???

Not unexpectedly – lots of roster moves aimed at the pitching staff.

First, Miguel Castro optioned and the the Flande Man called up for the first time in 16. Flande no doubt will be summoned for long relief duties. Especially with lots of question marks surrounding Jon Gray’s next start.

But there were other moves that perhaps portend to something even bigger looming. Kyle Freeland moved to AAA. Alex Balog to AA. Note that Jeff Hoffman pitched very well last night. His peripherals were excellent. He’s ready. The “problem” is 5 games from now (Hoff’s next scheduled start) is game #3 against the Blue Jays. I’m not sure that’s the right situation for his debut.

Regarding today, it’s JDLR vs. knuckle dragger (literally) Shelby Miller. The Snakes are sitting Jake Lamb against JDLR (thanks for that favor Chip Hale). Cargo and Story are back in the lineup. So is Tony Wolters.


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Bob K.
Bob K.
5 years ago
Reply to  sdcarp

While Wolters is not hitting very well, when he does get a hit it is usually a timely hit. Four RBIs for Wolters today along with his first homer. The throwing error he was given today was in my opinion Story’s fault. He just lifted his glove above the ball and watched it go into center field. Had he caught the ball it would have been an easy tag on the runner. Wolters is the only catcher on the Rockies… Read more »

5 years ago

Thought my head was going to explode when they gave back 5 runs of a 6-run lead. Yeeeesh.

Charlie and DJ are all-stars. Workingmen. All-stars don’t have to have gaudy numbers, nor even be All-Stars with capital letters. I love those guys.

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