Writing Help Requested

Hey guys, I am going on my annual work trip to Asia and I need to find someone willing to cover Thursday for the pre/post game write-ups.  I’ve had Jeem helping out over the past year for many of the writing duties, as you all know, and  RockyMountainHigh has been taking over a couple of days a week as well.  I’d love to find a few of you that wouldn’t mind taking a day here or there, or at least someone who can fill in for Thursday and possible in a couple of weeks when I return from my trip.  These flights are close to 30 hours, with several airports in-between, so quite impossible to catch up on the game and do a post-game in time…

If you would like to cover Thursday, or would like to do some pre/post game writing, please let me know by using the Contact page or just kicking an email to my nickname @ site name…



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8 years ago

Sorry I can’t help but I’m curious if your travels ever take you to Vietnam? I spent an unpleasant,but thankfully uneventful,year there in 1970 all expenses paid by my Uncle Sam!Would love to know how Americans are accepted there now as well as the expansion of trade etc.Hope you find people to fill in and have a safe successful trip.

8 years ago
Reply to  GARY

I was in Vietnam let year. Most of population are so young that they have forgotten the war and they love visitors and are very welcoming. But still a country that does not allow social media. I couldn’t use Facebook there.

8 years ago

Thanks for the update.The folks I met were always friendly and kind and I felt guilty for many years for bailing on them.Hard to believe it was 45 years ago.

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